World Yoga Cups Amateurs

2015 - Argentina
2015 - Malaysia
2014 - Chile
2013 - France
2012 - Russia
2011 - Uruguay
2010 - Argentina
2009 - Italy
2008 - Argentina
2007 - Mexico
2006 - India
2005 - Italy
2004 - Spain
2003 - Portugal
2002 - Brazil
2001 - Argentina
2000 - Brazil
2000 - India
1999 - Uruguay
1998 - Argentina
1997 - Italy
1996 - Brazil
1994 - Argentina
1993 - India
1989 - Uruguay

World Yoga Cups Professional

2015 - Chile
2015 - Argentina
2015 - Uruguay
2014 - Uruguay
2014 - Chile
2013 - France
2012 - Uruguay
2011 - Uruguay
2010 - Argentina
2009 - Argentina
2008 - Argentina
2007 - Uruguay

Yoga Competition history

Swami Gitananda
Yoga competition is part of India's rich history. But Yoga Competions or Championships are not Asanas Competion.

It is said that the yoga asanas (postures) practice originated over 5,000 years ago. Yoga Competitions have been taking place for 3,000 years now, albeit in a more philosophical and spiritual form with anothers yoga angas. Today, it is estimated that the yoga competition in its current form began about 2000 years ago. 

And world or international yoga competions in its current from began in 1989 with the father of International Yoga Championships Dr. Swami Gitananda and the father of World Yoga Championships : Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda (Fernando Estevez-Griego) who is the organizator of 40 world yoga championship all over the World and 40 International Yoga Championship, 50 International Yoga Asanas Championship, 60 Continental Yoga Championship. 

Swami Maitreyananda
Maitreyananda is the founder and creator of Artisic Yoga™ and Rhythmic Yoga the poem and nice art of yoga.

Dr. Swami Gitananda from India was the first Patron of Yoga Federation of India, and he was the leader behind International Yoga Sports Championships. In january 1989 he was the organizator of International Yoga Cup at Pondicherry in India., from 1989 to his mahasamadhi in 1993. Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda the new Patron of Yoga Federation of India was the leader behind World Yoga Sports Championships.

Maitreyananda was the organizator of World Yoga Cup from 1989 in november at Uruguay, and after in Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, U.S.A. Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, etc. In this regard Swami Gitananda and Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda considered the founding Fathers of the International Yoga Sports Movement. Due to their inspiration and support, the International Federation of Yoga Sports instituted an annual World Yoga Championship from January 1989 all over the World

K. C. Sharma

The aim of Yoga Sport, as the concept of competing not only in asanas. the competitions is Pranayama, Pratihara, Concentration, Meditation , Santosha, Maitri, Karuna, Jnana, Spirituality and all the yoga angas. Was to introduce young people to the art and science of yoga through competitions.

At the time, Yoga Sports was considered an ideal sport for India as no infrastructure or costly equipment was required, and people from all walks of life could achieve so much from it.

In India from 1971 the Yoga Federationf of India under the leadership of K. C. Sharma and Ashok Kumar Aggarwal

K. C. Sharma with Ashok Kumar Aggarwal was the organizator of Natinal Yoga Championship of India

Ashok Kumar Aggarwal

The First World Yoga Championship was held in 1989 are in Montevideo  under the guidance of Maitreyananda.

Today, Tthe International Federation of Yoga Sports and International Yoga Sports Federation are the international governing bodies of Yoga Sport sand is based in South America, Asia and Europe

Yoga Asanas Competions and Yoga Competions

The First International Yoga Asanas Championship was held in 1989 in Pondicherry, India under the guidance of Swami Gitananda. After the mahasamadhi of Gitanandaji,  Bikram and Raj Choudury do from 2003 the International Yoga Asanas Championships in U.S.A. The First World Yoga Championship was held in 1989 in Montevideo, Uruguay under the guidance of Dharmachari Maitreyananda who do the world cups of Athletic Yoga, Asana Yoga (Hatha Yoga), Artistic Yoga, Rhythmic Yoga, Acrobatic Yoga and Yoga Dance

In Europe, there is the annual European Yoga Championships organized by the European Yoga Alliance and International Federation of Yoga Sports In America there is the annual American Yoga Championships organized by the Latin America Yoga Union and International Federation of Yoga Sports. Asia have annual Asian Yoga Championships organized by the Asian Yoga Federation and International Federation of Yoga Sports.

Presidents and Patrons of International Yoga Sports Federation 1989 - 2016

M.S. Vishwanth
President IYSF
1989 - 1994
Swami Gitananda
Patron 1989 -1993
Yogacharya Fernando Estevez-Griego
Dharmachari Maitreyananda (Uruguay)
President IYSF
1994 - 2000
Dr. Gopal Ji (India)
President IYSF
Yogacharini Eugenia Salas (Mataji Lakshmi)
President IYSF

K. C. Sharma
Patron 2009 -2016

Ashok Kumar Aggarwal
Director IYSF
2009 -2016



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